Stalk your Kill before Going after It

In our country, there is lot of good companies, unfortunately, everyone else also knows how good they are and hence, most of the time, their stock prices carry a premium. So what does retail investor like you and I do? Do we pay the premium and cost average our way in? Nope. There is a better way! Equity markets will not always behave in a rational manner. On any given day, the news of the day will drive it up or down – sometimes there is no basis to it. We all know it – it has happened, it is happening, and it will continue to happen. As a long term investors, we always have patience on our side which we can use to our advantage.

Preparing for the Hunt

I haven’t talked to any tiger, but based on National Geographic and Discover Channels, I have noticed that a tiger would never just get up in the morning and go for a kill. Same way you should not attempt to purchase company stock unprepared. Here are few steps. Continue reading rest of this article…