About the TIP Blog

TIPBlog is a chronicle of my journey to  build and sustain a portfolio for dividend cash flow and capital appreciation. I discuss any and all aspects that influence my portfolio construction and its sustainability. The unique aspect about this blog is that all of the discussion is in the context of do-it-yourself individual investors. Readers of this blog will find that the investment related topics discussed here will connect to their own situations.

I expect that this blog will inspire, motivate, and encourage readers to manage their investment portfolios as simple projects (instead of a complex process).



About Me…

I am engineering professional, in my early thirties, and working in engineering and manufacturing industry. After completing my PhD, my professional career has taken me to architecture development for web-based manufacturing systems, risk/statistical analysis for development and sustainability, and product development.

My investment philosophy is based on objectives. I believe in holistic thinking (whole portfolio instead of individual stock) and putting numbers in context of the objectives (instead of generalization). I believe in chasing consistency and long term sustainability.

Read here about my views on various participants in financial industry.