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facebook-iconWhat happens when it becomes difficult to digg out companies at a price that we want to pay? It either requires more work to digg through, or we just take a breather, or you slack off. Many folks just do something else. In my case, I am continuing to digg, and going through the bunch of emails from readers. In addition, I am also trying to reduce some junk on the blog.

In the month of March 2010, I have been having a problem of spam on my blog. It had become a nuisance. I was just one click away to close the comments sections. To me, that was not a good idea. Closing comments on a blog is not a solution. The reason I write is to generate some discussion to see what readers have to say. The introduction of “adding two numbers” did not help. I added Akismet on this blog. The plot below shows the number of spam messages that that I get on this blog. The average number of spam per day exceeds 50. Occasionally, there are 100+ spams in a day. Yes, it is frustrating. Akismet does help block some of the spam. But I do realize that I do not have any control over it.

Spam Capture by AKISMET

Spam Capture by AKISMET

In between comments on blog and emails, sometimes, I get challenged by time management. To sum up, the emails I have been reading mainly focus (1) my views on a given company; (2) some ideas on how to start investing; (3) my thoughts on personal finance related topics; and (4) occasional critic or questions on my articles.

Discussion Forum Feature: No, I do not plan to include any discussion feature on this blog. I understand arguments from few of my regular readers that “forum” is a better format than standard article. The “comment features” are not designed for discussions. Forums are also less susceptible to spam. To me, it is an extra work and does not add any value to my portfolio returns. Similar to spam in comments section, overtime, forums become a nuisance. Malicious readers just use pseudo names to post one liners or advertisements – it is waste of time for genuine readers and for me.

I want to generate conversation around stock selection, analysis, portfolio management, etc. It helps me. Therefore, I cannot ignore the interaction and discussions.

I am listening!

I have setup a Facebook Page for this purpose as an alternative to hosting a forum. It is an easier place for me, because it brings all of this together. I don’t have to worry about securing the forum, I don’t have to worry about malicious readers posting one liners, or I don’t have to worry about doing the cleaning. You may visit:

  • Notes tab for my general thoughts which may or may not be related to investing. Warning: This could be my chatter box.
  • Discussion tab presents company related thoughts from me and other readers.

I will continue to respond to questions/comments on this Blog, Facebook Page, and Email Messages to the best of my abilities. Since quite few readers visit Facebook, adding a Facebook Page makes it easier for interaction.

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  1. interesting article.. I like your perspective on this subject. Although there are a couple points I contend on I believe you did a great job purposing your view. TY.

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