Free Licenses for MPROFIT Portfolio Management Software

mprofit_boxcoverOnce in a while, I discuss about topics other than investing such as THE HINDU’s website design at foreign source and my thoughts about it. That particular post resulted in passionate discussion on both side of the aisle. There was one theme that seemed to be echoed by quite a few commentators, and that was; there are companies and entrepreneurs that are focusing on developing products. Many entrepreneurs are in fact attempting to develop solutions for Indian consumers.

Keeping with that thought process; I am bringing to your attention a solution from one such entrepreneurial effort. This solution is called MPROFIT, personal desktop portfolio management application. In simple terms, this is solution for retail investors to manage/track their transactions across any asset class. It simplifies many of the mundane tasks of portfolio tracking. Some of the highlights are:

  • It has ability to manage multiple portfolios and groups: This is good for all of us who manage different type of portfolios like trading portfolio, long-term portfolio, etc. You could even create groups based on industry to understand which one gives you the best returns or does it make sense for top down returns.
  • Online update of BSE stock prices, Mutual Fund NAVs and ETFs: This is the one I look for. I don’t want to spend my time on clerical work to track my portfolio.

January 14, 2010, I added few extra bullets below on reader’s request.

  • Manage Individual and Group Portfolios
  • Online Updates for Stock Prices, Mutual Fund NAVs and ETFs
  • Manage All Your Other Assets
  • Annualised Return (XIRR) Reports
  • Reports for Capital Gains, Asset Allocation and Others
  • Export Reports to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF Format
  • All Your Personal Data is Saved Locally on your Computer

This solution will appeal to lot of us individual investors who want to focus more time on identifying opportunities (and spend time less time on data inputs). I like its simplicity, auto updates for stock pricing, progress monitoring, and tracking portfolio updates.

Take a guess, what is its best feature? It uses my preferred way of calculating personalized returns. It uses XIRR for personalized rate of return, i.e. personal returns as a function of time for whole portfolio.

You can get free license for MPROFIT package.

In collaboration with MPROFIT, I am giving out 10 free licenses to readers of this blog. I would have loved to give each one of you a free licenses. But I only have limited 10 licenses only. Therefore, I am starting a contest.

  • The contest will remain open until February 12, 2010, 11.30pm.
  • You have to enter the contest, and then accumulate your tickets.
  • At the end of contest, I will list top 10 people based on total number of tickets accumulated. These top 10 people will get free licenses for one year.
  • You may earn as many tickets you would like until February 12, 2010, 11.30pm.

You can enter the contest by doing any one tasks listed in item (1) or item (2) below.

  1. Become Facebook fan of MProfit (opens Facebook link) and TIPBlog. — do both, and you enter the contest with one ticket per person
  2. Tweet this post. Make sure you include #mprofit and #tipblog — do this, and you enter the contest with one ticket per person for tweeting this post)
  3. If you do both, you get 2 tickets.

After you have entered into this contest, you may accumulate additional tickets by doing any of following.

  1. Tweet any other post from this blog with #mprofit and #tipblog (one ticket per person per article that you tweet)
  2. Leave a good comment on my blog (two tickets per person per comment). I will decide which one should get the ticket. If you leave more than one good comment you can get more tickets.

I will keep track of all the tickets. At the end of contest, on Feb 13, I will list the top 10 people, based on total number of tickets accumulated. Each of these 10 folks will get one free license for one year.

I will make final decision. In case of tie for last position, I will make my decision based on who has contributed more to my network.

Meanwhile while the contest is ongoing, you can know more about MPROFIT (pdf file) and download a free 30 day MPROFIT trial license from the website.

I encourage you to ask questions about the software. Direct your questions to MPROFIT customer support. Asking questions to them will help you evaluate its customer service.

Disclaimer: I (or anyone from my family and friends) do not have any stake in the company or its products. I do not get any fees or commissions on any number of sales. I have no financial interest in this contest. I agreed to this proposal thinking free licenses would benefit readers of this blog. The only benefit I get is either Facebook fans or tweets that you folks will do as a part of this contest.

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26 Responses to “Free Licenses for MPROFIT Portfolio Management Software”

  1. Jagan says:

    i am not trying to discourage such products. But websites such as moneycontrol, economic times and rediff has decent web apps that help wat this product is trying to help us do. I dont see it worth for 99rs monthly fee. I personally use moneycontrol. Its a wonderful web app with forums and live news updates. Its just my opinion.

    • TIP Guy says:

      Hello Jagan,

      Thanks for the comment and I understand your viewpoint.

      Few thoughts from my side…

      (1) I am not selling the product. I am not attempting to convince my readers that it is worth Rs 99 to buy. Hopefully you read my disclaimer, many folks tend to ignore it. I have an opportunity to give out something free from some other company and I am giving out.

      (2) I do have quite a number of readers who do not have web 24/7 at home, like I do.

      (3) One would buy only one car, even though there are 10 different brands and car companies, and somehow majority of these companies survive. And that’s because each one has something to offer or each one appeals to someone out there or it meets their needs.

      I never said this is revolutionary product, nor did I attempt to even compare with any other available solutions like you mentioned. Each an every website that you mentioned has its pros and cons.

      I hope you understand the context. I appreciate you taking few seconds to comment.

      Best Wishes,

      2 points if entered the contest

  2. fxtrader says:

    @tip guy: I am in.

  3. Manish Jain says:


    There are many online services that appear similar to MProfit but are very different. MProfit is a desktop portfolio management software that runs locally on your computer and hence all your personal financial data is secure since it resides on your computer.

    Most services only manage a single portfolio. With MProfit, the unique Grouping feature allows you to manage all the assets for your family members. It can manage stocks, MFs, ETFs, insurance plans, FDs, ULIPs, gold, silver, property and many other asset classes. The reporting capabilities are one of the best, it can print capital gains (with corporate actions), annualised returns (XIRR), asset allocation and group holding reports.

    It really comes down to what the consumer needs.

  4. Vikrant Upadhyay says:

    I am in too sir, But just a silly clarification , When you say “Leave a good comment on my blog ” How would you define a good comment?? and what do you exactly mean by a good comments, Asking this as each individual may understand it in a different way.

    let me know if this sounds like a stupid question to you.

    • TIP Guy says:

      Hello Vikrant,

      Good question! Any comment that strikes a conversation, that compels me to respond.

      i.e. comment beyond few good words, a comment that demonstrates you have read the article.

      Best Wishes,

      2 points

  5. TIP,
    does it have facility to import all the Buy/sell records in CSV or text format. Combine same day entries (if day trading) then calculate profit/loss based on FIFO method? It will be only useful if it has this all because in any given year, I have more than 500 transactions. and it’s not good job to enter one by one transaction in the system.

    Just wanted to check.


    • TIP Guy says:

      Hello MIP,

      That is good question, and should be directed to customer support. This way you can test their customer service.

      Best Wishes,

      2 points, if you entered the contest

    • Manish Jain says:


      We are currently working on an import feature that will all you to import your transactions via an Excel sheet or CSV format.

      We are also working on an import feature for digital contract notes from the broker.

      Having said that, I would suggest you download a free 30 day trial and see for yourself the capabilities of MProfit.

      One of our goals at MProfit is to constantly listen to customers and let them drive the feature set of the product.

  6. Hello Manish
    I appreciate your quick reply. I would really like to see the product.

    Thanks TIP & Manish


  7. Hi Manish
    I have installed the trial version and It’s really useful. Simply superb.
    – The User Interface is wonderful (Flex?)
    – Export facility of the report directly from Preview is very useful.
    – Reports are interactive enough.
    – ST/LT capital gain is being calculated correctly.

    I wish you best luck and would like to emerge as India’s Quicken.


  8. Saif says:

    Hello Sir,
    In few P&L statements i have come across the following under expenditures :
    Decrease / (Increase) in stock in trade and work in progress
    Could you please elaborate what is this,and why does it come under expenditures for a company.

  9. Ankit says:

    Hi TipGuy,

    Been sometime i visited your blog:-)

    I had been using Mprofit for sometime now.Deepak Shenoy recommended during a Google Wave Finance Discussion and i am hooked.
    However, i wonder if there is a provison to update the portfolios with NSE prices 🙂
    Moreover, the software prompt me for an updated version frequently but i get a failed server connection.
    But all in all, an exhaustive portfolio manager.Makes it seemless to track investments across diff products.
    BTW i am in too 🙂

    task 1 and 2 done!! Rest to follow 🙂

  10. Kapil says:

    Hi Tipguy,

    Do we need to pay for the database separately ( in which mprofit will store our data ) or is that combined with the package?
    Also, does this software provides put and call options support?


  11. Kevin says:

    Hello Kapil,

    Databased is bundled with MProfit Software and it is a part of the package. There is no separate charge for the same.

    We do not have futures & options module in this version.

    Thank you,

  12. Vivek says:

    MProfit is a wonderful software, esp with the new import feature that is recently introduced.

    More that the software what i liked is that Manish and his team are taking a serious effort to improve the software to the need of the client.

    Will be very useful for users.

    Wishing them Luck


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