Festival of Stocks – 169th Edition

This week I have the honor of hosting the 169th edition of the Festival of Stocks.  This is the second time TIPBlog.in is hosting the festival. According to the festival’s original sponsor, ValueInvestingNews, The Festival of Stocks is a blog carnival dedicated to highlighting bloggers’ best articles on stock market related topics. This will include research and commentary on specific stocks, industry analysis, ETFs, REITs, stock derivatives, and other related topics.

Now, on to this week’s submissions. There are a lot of good posts included in this festival from writers and thinkers. I hope you enjoy reading all of them as much as I did!


The Smarter Wallet presents Investing In Stocks and Bonds: Some Investment Basics

Barry presents What Is Left Unsaid During Obama’s China Tour

Sun presents Buy Foreign Stocks: E*Trade vs. Fidelity

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Book Review – Winning The Loser’s Game, saying, “Winning The Loser’s Game is written by Charles D. Ellis. Ellis is on the Board of Directors at Vanguard, which more than hints at his investment strategy in his book.”

The Financial Blogger presents Note to Myself: Key Points to Investing During a Bear Market Part1: Remember High Yield Bonds, saying, “This is what I am doing with the recent market crunch of 2008. Some people generated amazing returns by taking little risk. Here’s how they did it”

Lazy Man and Money presents Why the Google Admob Acquisition is Important to Me.

Michal presents Biking To Work Is Not Only Good For Your Health, but Your Wallet.

Steve Alexander presents MFI Stock Review: ITT Educational Services (ESI), saying, “ITT Educational Services is a well-run for-profit education company with great margins and good growth prospects operating in an industry with fantastic business dynamics. At a forward earnings yield of 16%, the price is right to buy.”

Soo-Young presents Are You A Gambler Or Investor? (A Flow Chart), saying, “Are your investments really gambles? Read this flow chart to see if your investment strategy requires more luck than skill.”

Super Saver presents Expecting a Year End Rally.

Dividends4Life presents Community Trust Bank Corp. (CTBI) Dividend Stock Analysis, saying, “Community Trust Bank Corp. owns and operates Community Trust Bank, Inc. of Pikeville, KY, which provides commercial banking services in Kentucky and West Virginia; and a trust company. Linked here is a detailed analysis and commentary.”

Arthur Pledger presents Welcome to Wall Street.

mrs laughton presents The Definitive Guide To Real Estate ETFs: Real Estate ETF Investing 101.

Peak Personal Finance presents 3 Tips for Stretching Your Retirement Account, saying, “How to make your retirement fund last longer.”

Darwin presents Review: Flex CD Offers High Yield if the Dollar Tanks Against BRIC Currencies, saying, “Did you know you can benefit from the sliding dollar and protect your principal at the same time with a Currency-hedged CD? This Review of the BRIC Currency CD sheds light on this innovative investment.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of festival of stocks using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

TIPBlog.in focuses on Indian stock markets. This is perhaps the first Indian blog which is dedicated to Dividend Investing. In addition to dividend investing, many articles also discuss and provide value-based thoughts in the context of Indian stocks, businesses, and different opportunities. It attempts to separate media hype and looks at realistic and pragmatic opportunities.

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    Good carnival, I guess I missed submitting to this one!

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