Screening Three More Companies in Agriculture Business

Today is the second part of the screening of companies in agriculture or food related businesses. While there are hundreds of companies out there, as individual investor, it is just not possible to read about each one of them. I am presenting summary of few more that I have read about over last few months. After these two screens, I think I have shortlisted four companies which, for now, is enough to focus on.

Lakshmi Energy and Foods Ltd (LAKSHMIEFL): It is engaged in manufacturing and processing food grains and related products. The product includes rice, basmati rice (branded as Lakshmi Foods), parmal rice, rice bran edible oil, wheat flour, de-oiled cake, refined oils, and cattle feed (branded as Heera Moti). It also as 30MW biomass-based power generation business using rice husk as fuel. The company was formerly known as Lakshmi Overseas Industries Limited and changed its name to Lakshmi Energy and Foods Limited in February 2006. I came to know about this company after reading Supreme Court and agri minister’s tussle over grains rotting in FCI. Continue reading rest of this article…

Screening Four Companies in Agriculture Business

We all want to succeed in investments, but there are very few us who are willing to prepare for this success. Preparing and positioning yourself to take advantage of opportunities is something that is not learnt easily. It takes time and effort. I am not competing for allotment of IPOs and Bonds. Instead I am spending time and effort to continue expand my watch list and my buy list. I would like to be prepared for what I want to buy at next opportunity or when they fall in my fair value range. Following are four companies I screened recently in the agriculture sector.

In general, agricultural business is a low margin business and hence, there is no room for error. In our country, it still continues to be heavily dependent on monsoons. Having said that, I believe a company with good management, combined with buying at decent price, can provide good down side risk for individual investors. Continue reading rest of this article…

Three Potential Companies for Long Term Buy

I am still here. I have not left my blog (yet!). Readers have not bugged me enough that I need to run! I can give few excuses for not writing, but the fact is almost one month has passed without a post. Excuses cannot correct that. So let us say, I became lazy for a while.

During this period of laziness, I kept getting questions about my opinion on various companies. I continued my reading browsing, and among the long list, I came across three companies that caught my attention. Following are my thoughts. Before you go through them, please understand that these observations are for my objective (which does not include pump and dump).

AllCargo Global Logistics Limited (ALLCARGO): It is a logistics service provider dealing with multi-modal transport operations, which include less than container load and full container load cargos for exporters and importers. It owns container freight stations near major ports in India. It also has presence in Europe and is expanding in to airfreight business. Continue reading rest of this article…

Screen Testing Four Small Cap Companies

Readers of this blog have few suggestions for investment ideas or stocks. They have requested to provide my comments and my observations about these stocks. Following are my thoughts. Before you go through them, please understand that these observations are for my objectives.

MIC Electronics Limited (MIC): The Company is a global leader (who made them global leader?) in the design, development, and manufacturing of LED Video Displays, LED lighting solutions, and Embedded Systems/Telecom Software. Most of its revenue come from LED Video Displays, that have become an integral part of sports stadiums, transportation hubs, digital theatres and theme parks, advertisements and public information displays. Continue reading rest of this article…

Three Small Caps Stocks – Not for my Long Term Buy and Hold

1035790_pick_up_drop_off_onlyWhat do you do when stock market, and hence all stocks, are trading at a much higher price than you would be willing to pay? If you are like any other value investor or like me, then you would continue your reading and prepare your watch list. On many occasions, you would like the stock but unfortunately they are trading at a premium for pulling the buy trigger. In early December, I had shortlisted five small cap stocks for further reading. Few readers namely, arunsg, Young@market, Rutwik, Aditya, anonymous, and two more in emails presented their comments on the list. Just looking at these comments, Aegis Logistics and Numeric Power Systems seem to be preferred companies.

I completed my analysis and presented a discussion about Aegis Logistics Limited. I also liked Graphite India Limited (will present my discussion shortly). I initiated starter positions in both of these companies. So now the question is what about remaining three companies? Continue reading rest of this article…

Short Listing Five Small Caps for Potential Long Term Investments

to-do-listI am continuing to keep looking for good companies and prepare my watch list.  Keeping with this thought process; I looked at few stocks in small cap domain and applied my screening process. I have short listed following five small cap companies that I believe warrant further detailed analysis in the context of my buying objectives.

Aegis Logistics Limited, (AEGISCHEM): The company is focused in supply management of oil and gas logistics. Liquid Terminal Division provides storage and terminal facility for oil and chemical products. Gas Terminal Division provides imports, storage, and distribution of petroleum products like LPG and propane. It services are related to sourcing of product, storage and port operations, arranging road and pipeline movement, shipping, and integrated supply chain management. This is a small cap which has potential for long term buy and hold because it operates in infrastructure sector and good financial management.

Continue reading rest of this article…

Shortlisting Five Companies for Potential Long Term Investment Analysis

to-do-listLast week, I discussed my stock screening process and four matrices that I use for short listing the company for further evaluations. One of the traits of any successful investor (or for that matter even a trader) is that they keep a watch list of stocks and monitor its performance. Since the market has run up and we investors believe that stocks are overpriced, it is time to prepare our watch list. In addition, after establishing the watch list, it is also important to determine what would be the price you would be willing to pay to buy it.

Keeping with this thought process; I looked at few stocks and applied my screening process. I have short listed following five companies that I believe warrant further details analysis in the context of my buying objectives.  Continue reading rest of this article…