Several years ago around 1997, I began my first job. Flush with monthly salary and really not knowing what to do I blew it off in unnecessary stuff. Few months down the road, I dabbled into making quick bucks by investing. Early on I did not realize that I was focusing on trading (and I was really not investing). For two years I was in whirlpool of my own confidence and not knowing to think holistically. I kept churning for two years, with not much to show. I left my job and went back to school for higher education. You see, I wanted to become more intelligent and wiser.

While my wife still thinks I am dumb and idiot, but one thing is for sure, higher education did teach me how to think and what to think. It taught me how to go to next step without fear of falling over or slipping. It made me realize that while it is important to win one league game, ultimately it’s all about winning the championship. It’s all about winning the final game and sustain it.

It is during that time I learnt what is long term investing. I started planning, documenting, and executed my journey. I started jotting down in my investing notebook. This was the time when I really started long term investing with whatever little money I had.

Those who have been reading my blog may note that I keep discussing about long term investing and sustainability – I talk about building wealth over time. In order to build your wealth, first, one needs a vision about what to achieve, and second, a method to execute it. One needs an investing roadmap.

While I am continuing to write on this blog, I decided to make an e-guide about how to prepare an investing roadmap from my scribbled notes. I decided to focus only on my experience and not on literature research from financial books or planning courses or other published resources. What would be use of it – because you can also find this on your own, am I right? So I am now sharing it with readers of this blog.

ebook_page_imageThis book is not a tutorial or investment advice like which investments to select, which funds to select, which stocks to select, etc. It focuses on a much more holistic aspect. It talks about a framework for; how to map out your investments based on your needs and timeline.  You can grasp the idea from this book. Then you may use the content from my blog to find more information on other details about how I am executing on my long term objective.

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