Expected Returns from SENSEX Index

I conducted a poll on MoneyVidya site to get a feel of what users understand about the expected returns on yearly basis from SENSEX index. In the image below, you may see the question that I asked in the poll and four options that I gave to the users. The poll received 54 votes out of 2000+ users at that point in time. That is approximately 2% to 2.5% as a sample size. With this small sample size I do not think we can draw any conclusive results. However, I do believe that it is an indicator and demonstrates the directional trend.

Poll on MoneyVidya - Expected Return

Poll on MoneyVidya - Expected Return

Based on my calculation from Year 2001 to Year 2009, the compounded expected return for SENSEX was 12.1%. At the same the arithmetic average was 16% per year. Majority of the user in this sample size (52% or 28 users) said the compounded return for last ten years is between 11% and 20%. At least based on this small sample size, the majority of users on MoneyVidya site seem to have realistic expectation.

I performed this poll with a long term view of more than 2 years. So it is likely that many of user may wonder whether it makes sense to provide a long term perspective.

In my next post, I will discuss short term returns using NIFTY index.

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