Indian Stocks Mania – June 15, 2009

Welcome to Indian Stocks Mania 5th edition. It is likely that readers may find post that are not representative of the Indian Equity Markets. However, the concepts presented by authors can very well be applicable to Indian Investors.

This edition of the carnival received a total of 24 articles of which 14 have been included. Although I enjoyed reading all 24 articles, I did not include all of them because (a) they were outside the subject domain of this carnival; and (b) they would have not been relevant to the readers of this blog. Thank you to all of them who submitted their articles to this carnival.

While you are here on my blog, I encourage you to read few posts to get a feel of India’s Investing scene. For your ease of navigation, the popular posts are listed on side bar on left hand side. I am sure you will enjoy reading!

General Investing

Jae Jun presents The Art of Selling Stocks | Old School Value posted at Old School Value, saying, “Buying a stock is only the first half of the equation. It is the easy half. Knowing when to sell and having a strategy to lock in gains is even more important.”

ABC presents Stock Prices Do Not Represent Stock Value (or Company Value) posted at ABCs of Investing, saying, “A lower priced stock isn’t “cheap”.

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TIP Blog – The Next Quarter

I have been focusing on writing about long term investments and attempting to show the virtue of patience, efficacy of well defined plan, and importance of following your own investment process. Most of the time I have focused only on dividend based investing at a fair value and I will continue doing that. I plan on adding few topics. During this next quarter, I am going to do following:

Publish Quarterly Progress Update

I have received quite a few messages that express fear factor about long term investing. Many individuals are not able to grasp 10+ investing horizon. Many cite example of Satyam and SENSEX tanking in 2008 to show that stock market is a gamble and it is just not right to think in 10+ years of time frame. For many of my readers, long term means 2 years. I find this very intriguing. In this context, I have decided to publish quarterly update of my portfolio. My objective in publishing this quarterly update will be to demonstrate to my readers, how I measure my progress, and how I manage the risk in my long term portfolio. I will be publishing my quarterly update only once. After that, I will be emailing it only to RSS subscribers of this blog. Continue reading rest of this article…

TIP Blog – Status Update

The Income Portfolio Blog (TIP Blog) has completed a little over three months. I posted few articles in last week of February 2009, but actively, I started posting from March 2009 onwards. In today’s post, I will be discussing the present status of the blog and next upcoming post tomorrow present my future direction for this blog.

It has been quite a learning experience. I feel the biggest gain from writing on this blog has been the friends I have made. This blog has allowed me to interface with individuals who share similar thought process. I have made friends with fellow bloggers and reader alike.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all my readers and fellow bloggers for your camaraderie; I thank you for your patience ears. I thoroughly enjoy the discussion in the comments section.

In all, I have published 58 posts. The monthly break of number of post can be seen on the side bar under Archives. My posting frequency has been about 15 posts per month. In one of my earlier post, I have discussed the traffic statistics on TIP blog, so I will not repeat it again. Summary is, it does not come close to A-list bloggers, but it is a start. TIP blog had 2361 visitors and 8553 page views from April 1 to May 31, 2009.

Overall, I am happy that I started this blog. I believe I am now settled into the routine of posting regularly and selecting the topic for my posts. I am planning to make few changes. In tomorrow’s upcoming post I will discuss few points about what is my future direction for this blog.

Once again, thanks for stopping by!

Bloggers and Blogopreneurs Debate

solutionsSriram Vadlamani at wrote a post on Are Bloggers Entrepreneurs? The discussion through the post seems to be demonstrating that bloggers can be considered as entrepreneurs. However, the resulting discussion in comments section trended towards showing bloggers are not entrepreneurs.

Across many other blogs, I am observing that entrepreneurism is being associated with (or related) to the personal risk and/or risk of invested money. There is a fundamental flaw in the chain of thinking. And this fundamental flaw comes from our misunderstanding of the true meaning. We take the literal meaning of the definition and fail to put entrepreneurship in proper context.

The central premise of entrepreneurism is about “risk of the idea”. The risk is associated with whether the idea solves any problem, how that idea can be executed, whether a business model can be derived out of it, or whether it can be sustained profitably. The basis of entrepreneurship does not stand on pillar of personal risk and risk of capital. These two aspects are just the enablers or facilitators. They do not, cannot, and will not drive entrepreneurship. If that were the case, then all angel investors and venture capitals would be called entrepreneurs. Buffett takes personal risk and capital risk by putting money into companies (many times distress and depressed companies), he should be called entrepreneurs! Do we call them entrepreneurs?

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Suggested Reading – June 7, 2009

During the week I participate in blog carnivals and continue to read articles from fellow bloggers. Every Sunday, I will post “suggested reading” in which I will highlight some of the articles that I enjoyed reading.

I participated in following carnivals

I enjoyed reading following posts…

These are some diverse set of articles from fellow bloggers and business magazines. I hope you enjoy reading all or some of these interesting posts.

MoneyVidya Blogger Network – My Benefits

In yesterday’s post, I discussed how I am using MoneyVidya site to experiment and rate my investment decisions. I discussed one of my objectives of comparing long term investing with short term stock picking. I am attempting to push myself and show my readers that I am not running away from responsibility. I expect to continue on as long as the site has ability to meet my long term investing philosophy. As of today, it meets my objectives.

I joined MoneyVidya Blog Network and agreed to publish guest post or re-post some of my articles on their Blog Site. I wanted to collect some data to understand whether it has any benefits to me. I believe that an independent data set should speak (rather than me proclaiming hypothetical scenarios). I now have something to discuss with my readers.

Initially, I was very skeptical of this approach. I was under the impression, why should I share my articles on their network. Why should I let them take credit for my articles? So I said I will join as an experiment and see what happens. Continue reading rest of this article…

MoneyVidya.Com Site – My Experimental Benchmark

mv-logoYou may have seen the MoneyVidya Core Blogger Badge on the left side of my blog. Many of you have asked what does it signify, and what are the benefits to me, is it an advertisement, and/or do I get paid for it. Many have asked, I discuss a lot about long term investing, but then participate on a speculative stock picking site. I had intentionally kept silent about it because I did not want to make any hypothetical argument. I did not want to be perceived as my agenda to promote something. As a matter fact, some time back I presented a very critical review of website.

I now have something to discuss with my readers. Again the discussion is based on facts (and not on any assumptions or hypothetical scenarios). So I will be posting two articles (1) MoneyVidya stock picking site vis-à-vis long term investing; and (2) how it is beneficial to me.

MoneyVidya is a community-based stock picking site, which is generally perceived as speculative process. Many long term investors, like me, believe that it is not for them and they do not entertain the stock picking process.

It is very natural that at first glance, any long term investor will consider it as a stock picking site. However, I look at moneyvidya site as competitive ranking mechanism. Any long term investor can select their stocks (buy or sell) using a 2 year time frame. Now isn’t that long term investing? I am also sure that moneyvidya management is perhaps looking into how to include more options for long term investing.

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