Beginners Dilemma About Monetizing a Gardening Blog

Over a year ago, I wrote a guest article about Beginners Guide Before Starting a Blog. In that article, I presented three elements for any blog to get any traction. These three elements were (1) Blog to add value for your readers; (2) Shared Learning is a two way street; and (3) Don’t fool yourself. One of TIPBlog readers, Raja, left a very inquisitive comment. This comment consists of his observations, his dilemma, and few related questions. The size of the comment is long enough to be considered a post in itself. I respect the thought process and effort that went behind writing that comment. So let me jump in.

I will present my discussion in two parts, viz. (1) respond to Raja’s questions in this post, and  (2) As a beginner how would I set out in trying to monetize my gardening blog. This will be in next post.  Continue reading rest of this article…

Determining ROI from TIPBlog

ROI_imageWe as human beings are always objective or goal oriented. We may not know it, but sub-consciously, we are always attempting to do a given task or an activity towards certain goal. Many folks will not agree with me, because there is a perception that ROI is always related to money. To me, it is not. If I spend time with my family, its because the pleasure I get (that’s an ROI). If I did not get that pleasure, overtime it will automatically create a rift. Similarly, if I play any team sports, or go out with friends, it builds our relationship, it builds camaraderie, a sense of togetherness. It is not necessarily for getting any money in return, but to be part of social community. You cannot live alone in this world, right? Keeping with this, the question I am trying to answer today is what is my ROI from this blog? I need to know what I am getting out of this blog. Here also, I will use the framework provided by Avinash. There are multiple parameters to determine ROI from the blog. Continue reading rest of this article…

Alternative Income Streams

ist1_7925369-flock-of-dollar-fly-awayAlmost all of us have full-time salaried jobs where we work hard. We offer our knowledge and/or time to work for any given company. In return, we get compensation and recognition, and many of us eke out an excellent career from it. This is an active form of generating income. When we look at any company, how many times have we asked what are different types of products or market segments it sells into? It is good to have a company that has multiple products for continued profitability. Similarly, wouldn’t it be nice to have multiple streams of income? A multiple streams of income will provide us a safety net against our jobs!

There is a very popular notion of “passive income” that floats around the blog-o-sphere. The essence of passive income is; it is the money earned with or without our involvement. Once it is setup, the recurring income will flow in continuously. In my vocabulary, there is no such thing as passive income. Just because we do not see the effort does not mean it is passive. Instead, I like the term “alternative stream of income”. I am always curious to understand how individuals can create alternative streams of income and how they execute it. Following are few alternatives that I have thought about and tinkered with in recent past.

Continue reading rest of this article…

Why am I my blogging?

In one my earlier post, I discussed about questions that I receive and try to answer each one of them with sincere efforts. I have discussed questions related to my time management. In today’s post, I will discuss about questions related to “Why I am blogging?” I have attempted to group them as much as possible.

What’s your interest in sharing all these information? I am asking because I want to know whether you will also ask for subscription after sometime.

As the slogan of my blog goes; it is my journey to build and sustain an income portfolio. I am using online blog method to document my journey. In the process, I hope (a) to continue my learning process; (b) to continue to monitor my progress; (c) to make friends who are interested in learning about long term investing; (d) to share our winners; and (e) to share our losing strategies so that we do not make similar mistakes.

I am in no way an expert in investing. However, I do believe that I am patience, analytical, and capable of taking my own investing decisions. I am willing to accept my mistakes. I am willing to learn from others.

We see that you have closed your “my portfolio” section. It is now password protection. Does this mean you are planning for subscription based service?

I had temporarily closed. It is now open. I have modified it to reduce exposure to my personal details. I do not have plans for subscriptions. It is free for readers of this blog. Continue reading rest of this article…